Gen 2 Claim Crate Event


Rules and Guidelines

Gen 2 Crates

  • Yellow Crates (Mythical): 200 Crates, each containing 150,000 $STR.
  • Red Crates (Legendary): 300 Crates, each containing 100,000 $STR.
  • Green Crates (Epic): 2,000 Crates, each containing 80,000 $STR.
  • Purple Crates (Rare): 2,500 Crates, each containing 40,000 $STR.
  • Blue Crates (Uncommon): 5,000 Crates, each containing 20,000 $STR.
  • Learn more: Read our litepaper to learn more.

Trading and Exchanges

  • All claim crates will be instantly tradable on your favorite NFT exchanges that support the Base network.

Important Notes

  • Ensure your wallet is sufficiently funded for gas fees.
  • Gas fees are variable and depend on network congestion at the time of minting.
  • Once claimed, crates are your responsibility and can be traded as per the exchange rules.
  • Make sure to connect with the correct network wallet.

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